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May 25th, 2013
Xbox One Release


May 21st was either a day of great joy, or despair depending on how you feel about the details revealed about Xbox One. For others, the huge number of new features highlighted in the console was simply confusing. Brad Gallaway of Wired interviewed Microsoft’s corporate Vice-President, Phil Harrison to learn more details about Xbox One.

The interview is lengthy, and covers a great deal of topics that many gamers were concerned about. They cover the requirements for an internet connection, the power use of the mandatory Kinect, the lack of backward compatibility, the ability to share and resell hardcopies of games, and many other questions that arose from the reveal.

Mr. Harrison discusses the new advancements made by Xbox One, such as its use as an agile multimedia device, switching easily between multiple functions, and their business goals of providing a broad ecosystem for global developers. While many have predicted the death of the console as a gaming format, Xbox One at least is making innovations to become more versatile and central to all the consumer’s media needs. Readers:

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